The Cherry Tree is a site that was built to help offset the full-time costs of running an ambitious open source project. It was and is designed from the outset to acquire revenues from Google AdSense.

How It Works

To supplement this, a list of products that we endorse are also peppered throughout the site in the form of presenters and sponsors. If you look under the title of this page, you should, in fact, see one listed here.

When content is rebuilt and published for The Cherry Tree, the list of sponsors is enumerated for each and every piece of content, in the order that they are placed. This results in a “no nonsense” even distribution of placement throughout the site based on the number of articles and sponsors for a flat monthly fee.

Current Sponsors

Here is a complete list of our current sponsors and partnerships. A tremenous shout of respect and gratitude to everyone listed here for believing in us and for providing their support and services.

Traverse City Cherries
Visit Traverse City and explore one of Michigan's greatest areas.
ReSharper Ultimate
You're not developing .NET unless it is with ReSharper Ultimate.
OzCode is the ReSharper of debugging.
Code Compare
The best way to compare code files in your development and merging processes.
Beautiful Markdown editing.
If you aren't blogging with Hugo, you are doing it wrong.
What's updog?!

Becoming a Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring our efforts here and having your brand evenly distributed throughout this site, please contact us for a current quote.

Thank you in advance for any consideration and support!