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Silicon Valley, CA (CT)

I am here with my friend David Chesterfield, who recently tagged me in a public post on our favorite social media platform.

“Hey Mickey, how are ya? Thanks for getting my thoughts on this.”

“Yeah, this post I just made is set to public, and I thought the entire world should know about it, along with tagging you so that you are included.”

“Pretty cool, huh?!”

“Now, I know there are those that say that posting publicly on social media opens your account up to all sorts of bad actors and nation states online.”

“And, you, know, they may be right.”

“I mean, if you think about it, I literally open myself up to the entire world when I post publicly online. The entire world can literally build a psychological profile on me and my world view with all of the public posts I make.”

“It might even go past politics and straight into other personal, intimate realms.”

“Really, there’s no telling what nation states have built a profile on my posts and who know what psychological profile these fancy bots have constructed about me with all my public posting.”

“And now, I would like to tag you as a friend to these public posts so that you get slurped up in my informational stew.”


“Now, I know some might make the case that is happening with non-public posts, but that is called ‘due diligence’ … and who has time for that?!”

“I mean, isn’t this fun?! You are basically now in real time implicated in all the great words I am posting in this public capacity, free to ingest from anywhere in the world.”

“My, my… what a world!”

“Just what will they think of next, friend?”


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