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New York, NY (CT)

I am here with Wilfred McConaughey, owner of an international media conglomerate. He wanted to take some time to sit down with me and share some thoughts of his about his successful endeavor in human coercion and psychological manipulation.

“Mickey, thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I know I have my own network to deliver my own thoughts and message to the masses – in the most subversive and manipulative way, of course. But what you got going on here made me want to sit down and share my side of the story.”

“There seems to be some confusion on what it is a broadcast network actually does. I know that some might consider what we do ‘journalism’ and what we have on staff are actually ‘journalists’ but to me that seems misleading so I wanted to set the record straight.”

“You see, journalists and journalism are primarily concerned about seeking truth and are principled in attaining it. What we have on staff are primarily biased personalities – some would say characters – that are paid simply to reinforce a narrative.”

“Now, some would call that narrative an agenda, but let’s not use such a dirty word, OK? We’re here to promote a certain angle or perspective of life, and if that means bending or outright breaking the objective truth a little bit, well, it’s you that doesn’t change the channel to avoid our train wreck.”

“See, we’re the vomiter, and you are the vomitee. We vomit our media directly into your ears and eyes, while somehow tagging along advertisers for the ride.”

“Don’t ask me how these advertisers get their money or how effective their campaigns are.”

“The only thing that matters to me is that you are appalled to the content that we produce and that you do not change that dial.”

“Speaking of which, we’ll return right after this commericial break.”


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