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Sideline, Halftime (CT)

I’m here with Suzy MacMale who is a sideline reporter for an established network and would like to discuss what transpired with a discussion that just now transpired with an athlete on the sideline.

“Thanks Mickey for taking the time to interview an interviewer. That’s kinda meta, if you think about it.”

“And yeah, you know, I have to say a few things about that interview that just happened.”

“First off, we all know that what I do isn’t all that necessary. Even if it is, do we really need to have the entire world watch it?”

“I mean with all the Twitter and the Facebooking these days, athletes can pretty much interview themselves if they want to voice their opinion.”

“And I know, ‘tell me what you were thinking just then when you did such and such?’ has got to be the most microaggressive question of all time.”

“And if you think about it, if I am a minority or female, it only reinforces negative stereotypes and animosity towards these groups if I ask such an irritating question, or other questions of such a nature when I have lassoed and trapped an athlete or coach with my magic camera and microphone.”

“But see, I am a journalist. Which means that I don’t have time to question such irritations or subversive pandering – or even question my role or true nature in such a carefully formatted entertainment show.”

“Even though there are those who say that a role of a journalist is to do exactly that.”

“I just go along with the flow and collect my paycheck along with the rest of these journalists who feed this soulless machine, who have all obviously lost its respect for God and all powers unseen.”

“Now, back to you and your own lost cause, Mickey.”


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